Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this statement on my most recent product to the CavanMagic Store, “Destination”.

I have received many messages explaining to me that I cannot release Destination as it is already an effect by Jay Sankey (The PTC Principle as I know it, but many know it as Angle Z by Daniel Madison). I was aware of the Jay Sankey effect and naïvely believed that my idea of the train ticket would allow me to release this as a separate effect.

I have therefore decided to change the product of “Destination” to no longer include any video instructions teaching the effect in any way, as it is simply not my trick to teach. However, the pre-made gimmicks are created by me and I therefore wish to continue to sell these gimmicks to allow people who have already learned Jay Sankey’s PTC or Daniel Madison’s Angle Zero to use these gimmicks in their performances of it. Hopefully many people find them useful for saving time creating gimmicks for PTC or Angle Z.

I would also like to apologise for my lack of understanding on what is allowed when it comes to releasing original magic and I will try my hardest to avoid this happening again.