PRE-ORDER ONLY: The Cavan Collection

Image of PRE-ORDER ONLY: The Cavan Collection

This package includes:

- P.S. (Printed and signed): 16 techniques that will change your mentalism. In-depth explanations on methods to unlock stranger's phones, read star signs and divine names of relatives or pets!

- Deal With It (now exclusive to this package): Have your spectator shuffle the deck, choose how many players are in an imaginary game of Blackjack & which player wins and then deal the game and impossibly the chosen player will have perfect Blackjack every time!

- Outcome: Your spectators mix a deck face-up and face-down as much as they like and you predict perfectly how many cards are face up, how many are red, how many are clubs and exactly which cards end up where! My proudest magical creation.

- The Second Deal Project: Learn the killer move of the second deal in this highly detailed explanation of the utility sleight of hand move!

- The CavCast: All current & future episodes of my podcast, the perfect sit-down discussion show with chats on the morals and problems in magic and interviews with magicians.

- Access to loads of hidden videos from my YouTube channel that no-one has ever seen before, including videos that never made it to air. Behind the scenes, bonus content and old videos no longer available.

- Full 50 minute lecture to the Bradford Magic Circle about video-making and magic and how the history of magic has influenced modern day.

- Signed London Underground Map

- Limited edition signed and printed Jack of Diamonds with my face on it! Printed on red Bicycle Rider back. Includes a bonus unsigned card.

NOTE: Please allow 2 weeks for the physical elements to deliver