The Second Deal - An Incredible Sleight of Hand Video Series

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The ability to deal cards from underneath the top card is, in my opinion, a MUST for anyone interested in sleight of hand. Learn the second deal today in this highly detailed instructional package for just £12.

You will learn the best ways of second dealing: everything from angles to presentation. Use it secretly in the method of a trick, or shown to the audience as a display of real skill.

This project is for anyone who has never attempted a second deal, or wants to improve the one they have. Grip, angles, rhythm and finger placement are covered in detail and a ton of ideas and uses for the move are included, so even if you're already a wiz, there's something in here for everyone.

The project gives you access to a playlist that will be constantly updated with new videos. Current videos:
- Introduction (8 mins)
- What cards to use (7 mins)
- How I learned my 2nd deal (3 mins)
- Second deal tutorial (12 mins)
- Control tutorial (4 mins)
- ACAAN tutorial (9 mins)
- Lost & Found tutorial (5 mins)
- ACAAN Presentation Theory (7 mins)
- Fake Deals (11 mins)
- Joker Routine (9 mins)