P.S. - 30 Magic & Mentalism Techniques

Image of P.S. - 30 Magic & Mentalism Techniques


P.S is a system of 30 techniques to change your magic and mentalism performance. If you're a seasoned pro worker or a hobbyist - there is something in here for you. I teach methods and practical tricks to be used at gigs, in the street or on the stage and will inspire you to grow your mind reading repertoire or build one for the first time.

Learn how to divine star signs; unlock borrowed phones; read minds and know the names of relatives and pets from complete strangers; teleport objects to impossible locations; know stranger's bank details without them taking their wallet out and what 'P.S' really stands for.

These techniques took me 2 years to compile and test in real-world performance and represent a compilation of some of the best deceptive methods I have come up with. All of this and more for just £22

Available as:
- Signed, printed & bound physical book package for £22 including podcast episodes, my Modified Jack of Diamonds, my business card, my 2018 live lecture and "NOT A CARDIST" laptop sticker
- Digital PDF version of the book for £15 including all of the extras above that will still be sent physically.