Outcome - Accurately Predict Random Events

Image of Outcome - Accurately Predict Random Events
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A deck of cards is cut in two at a random point decided by a spectator, and two people shuffle the two halves in any order they want. They swap, and shuffle again until they are happy. The cards are fairly mixed face up and face down three times until the cards are in a random state.

An envelope, in view the whole time PERFECTLY predicts how many cards are face down in the pack! Then - how many of them are red, how many are clubs and even specific cards!

This trick packs small and plays HUGE! Cavan does this in close-up, at tables and on stage! Learn this magician-fooling gem from his working repertoire today from just £15!

Oh and did I mention? Its easy, instantly repeatable and does not require a deck switch or envelope switch!

When you buy the full "Outcome" project for £17 you receive in-depth video and written tutorial explaining every nuance!
The Lite project includes only the written instructions.