Myriad - My Debut Magic Book

Image of Myriad - My Debut Magic Book

Myriad is my very first magic book. A physical, printed and bound book written and compiled of my best magical and deceptive ideas. Over 85 pages, I discuss methods, ideas, theories and concepts for performance. Sleight of hand, gimmick construction and performance advice as well as discussions on the morals of magic; the ultimate collection of my work before the age of 18. Only 5 copies of this book exist. Own a piece of my own personal history today from just £20.

Book teaches:
- P.S. - My mentalism project including 16 techniques to divine names, star signs and even credit card details!
- P.S. volume II - 9 more techniques to change your mentalism!
- Outcome - Exclusive to this book, this is the trick I chose to perform to the Bradford Magic Circle in my lecture.
- Vanish - 3 methods to vanish a deck of cards.
- Decrypt - 3 methods to unlock a stranger’s phone.
- Fairness - A brutal hands-off magician-fooler!
- Aperture - Move a holepunch across a playing card.
- Gimmickless TnR - What it sounds like!
- Lightspeed Oil & Water - My super-speedy take on the classic effect.
- Completion - A freely dealt-to card completes a Royal Flush.
And much, much more, including some very exciting effects you'll have to buy to find out!

‘Myriad’ physical version (£25) includes:
- The printed, signed and numbered book (so you will know which copy out of the 5 you have) AND the digital PDF copy
- 3 limited edition copies of my modified Jack of Diamonds (1 signed)
- Free subscription to my podcast, my business card and my 2018 lecture!

'Myriad' PDF version (£20) includes:
- The PDF copy of the book
- Free subscription to my podcast and my 2018 lecture!
- 2 unsigned modified Jack of Diamonds and my business card.