Magic DVD Compendium

Image of Magic DVD Compendium

This wallet comes packed with hundreds of hours of magic tutorial and thousands of hours of practice of effects you can't get cheaper anywhere else! The total value of this compendium of products is £285.00!!! Buy now for £175!

Included in this set of 15 DVDs:
- Extreme Burn 2.0 (with gimmicks) by Richard Sanders
- Camera Tricks by Murphy's Magic
- One Card Link by Ben Williams
- Force of Will by Dave Hooper
- The Poker Test by Erik Casey
- Travel by Jordan Victoria
- Photo Shock (with gimmicks) by Jay Sankey
- Solid & Stretch by David Penn
- Ten Fantastic Magic Routines by Big Blind Media
- Ultimate Gaff Deck DVD by Magic Makers
- Token by Sansminds
- Online Magic Academy DVD by Alakazam
- Move Zero Volume 1, 2 and 4 by John Bannon

NOTE: Also available sold separately in the drop down options!