Impossible Bottle Collection

Image of Impossible Bottle Collection

SAVE £40.00! Worth £160!

These two unique items worth £160 can be yours for just £120! The first in the collection is a jam jar within which is a solved Rubik's cube, trapped forever! This remarkable way of displaying the classic puzzle invented in 1974 will astound and bewilder anyone who sees it. How could it possibly have got inside?

The second item in the collection is a truly unique one. A juggling ball far too large for the opening of the bottle, sealed inside - never to escape! The lid of this bottle has a cotton rope threaded through with a knot INSIDE the bottle itself! Ontop of that, there is a brass padlock locking everything into place within the glass! The key to the lock is also trapped inside the bottle for good measure.

Own these curiosities today for £40 less than you should.