Card Gimmick Set

Image of Card Gimmick Set

For just £14 (NOW £10), get your hands on:
- 3 'Find the Ace' cards
- 4 Red/Blue double backers
- 2 Red/Red double backers
- 3 packs of 'Destination' gimmicks (torn corner inside train ticket)
- 1 pack of torn corner inside playing card gimmick
- Modified Jack of Diamonds with my face on it!
- Restored torn corner card
- Vanishing card box
- Double restoration gimmick (two cards are torn in half and restored incorrectly forever so the two halves are swapped at the end; cards can be signed)

This set of 21 gimmicks are quality-checked and 11 of them have been personally handcrafted by myself. No instructions are included. FREE UK SHIPPING

- Each purchase includes Ep 1, 2 and 3 of my podcast.