Destination - Torn Playing Card Inside Train Ticket

Image of Destination - Torn Playing Card Inside Train Ticket

In Destination, a card is selected by the spectator and a piece is torn from it's corner before cleanly vanishing into thin air! The corner then reappears INSIDE a train ticket that the spectator has been holding onto the entire time. The spectator can examine the ticket and even tear it open themselves and the best part is - the torn corner perfectly matches their card! Everything can then be kept as a souvenir!

When you buy this project, you receive high quality gimmicks using real train tickets and Bicycle playing cards, handcrafted personally by me. NOTE: This product does not come with video instructions on how to perform the trick, as the original effect is not my intellectual property to teach.

Available in:
- Packs of 3 for £4
- Packs of 6 for £8
- Packs of 15 for £20 (includes my Modified Jack of Diamonds, Ep 1 of the CavCast and my 2018 Lecture)