Deal With It - MEGA SALE - RETIRING 25th October

Image of Deal With It  - MEGA SALE - RETIRING 25th October
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The spectator shuffles. They decide how many players are in the imaginary game of Blackjack. They decide which player wins. Their chosen player is dealt the winning Blackjack hand time and time again!

This project includes an extensive 50+ minute video teaching all you need to perform Deal With It! Every tip, every method, every technique.

And lets clear some things up: you can perform this with a borrowed and shuffled deck, NO palming cards in or out, NO deck switch, NO special cards of any kind required, NO stooges or actors, NO reset or preparation before the trick and you do NOT need any knowledge of Blackjack strategy!

Deal With It uses clever and practical methods. It doesn't require a table, is instantly repeatable and blows the minds of your spectators!